In November 2018 IWeYou and PEP Business School merged; marrying Ben’s educational expertise with Paul’s corporate communication strategies.

The principles of our work are to help schools:

  • Build the brand/offer through consultation with all staff
  • Write the policies and protocols
  • Train all staff in culture and process
  • Provide induction training for new staff
  • Follow up, troubleshooting, mentoring

Our recent work has confirmed that staff enjoy the guidance as it gives them a point of reference, which is especially useful when dealing with difficult situations. For more reviews of our work, please look at our clients page for a selection of testimonials.

We believe that seeing is believing, below we have included examples of our work but please do contact us if there is anything more specific you would like information on.

  • Communications Charter
  • 5Rs to Recovery Summary
  • Recognise (first document in 5Rs series)
  • INSET topics

To help schools manage the process towards successful reopening, we have written a series of documents “The 5Rs of Recovery” – the first of which, Recognise, can be downloaded here.

To help schools navigate this tricky period as they plan to reopen under the spectre of a possible second wave, we have decided to release our 5Rs framework totally free of charge! Please do download it; we would be happy to ask any questions you may have.